‘Elle’s Ecrit, Ils Parlent’: Creatively Lauren

Hi everyone! Today’s ‘Elle’s Écrit, Ils Parlent’ is with Lauren from Creatively Lauren. Lauren is a lifestyle blogger from the USA. She is an experienced blogger and has created an ebook and Instagram templates. She chats about the creative process behind these, and shares some useful tips for new bloggers!

Ellen: How do you balance blogging with work and home life?

Lauren: It’s definitely hard. I’m a planner so I try to plan time to sit down and write and work on the blog. Currently, where I am in my career, since it’s frontline customer service, it stays at the airport when I clock out. It’s more my husband’s job that comes home. But we make sure we take time to watch our favourite shows or go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch once a week as a lunch date. It does get hard though when I feel like I’m on a roll with the blog and my mind just keeps going and going.

E: What is your favourite post that you have written?

L: That’s really hard to decide. Ever since the rebrand, I’ve been proud of just about all of my posts. I have a couple that I’m going to share. These are my favourites because they touch on topics that can be tough to talk about. The first one is ‘Creatively Lauren: What Went Wrong’. This is one of my favourites because nobody wants to talk about the bad times, or why they felt like they were failing. But I shared this because I wanted others that may be in that position [to know] that it’s okay. I also wanted to give an explanation for my long break. Another one is ‘Why Bloggers Need to Watch the Shane Dawson x Grav3yardGirl Series’. I shared this post because I love Shane Dawson, but this series talked about something a lot of bloggers face: burnout. I think this series is so important for bloggers to watch.

E: I really enjoyed reading your post ‘Our Wedding Day: 3/11/18’. Why did you decide to write about your wedding?

L: There were so many people from work that were invested in our wedding that couldn’t make it [who] also read my blog, so I wanted to share it there. Plus, I ended up taking a huge break and wedding planning was part of that, so I wanted to share it. I also love sharing pictures, and our Sedona wedding was gorgeous.

E: What do you think about the blogging community?

L: I think it’s great, I love the community. I think you get out what you put into it, which goes for any community. I know many people say the community is too saturated or there’s no room. But that’s not the case. The blogging community has room for bloggers. Many niches have their own communities as well. There’s room for everyone to win and succeed, and we all want to support each other!

E: What advice would you give to new bloggers?

L: Just be yourself! So many new bloggers read up so much on tips to “get rich quick” or “explode your traffic in just a month” and that’s just not it. Blog because you have something to share with the world. Be yourself and unique in your voice because the world does need to hear what you have to say, but it wants to hear from YOU. It doesn’t hurt to take advice from others when it comes to getting your blog off the ground, but don’t try to imitate other bloggers just for success. Don’t push yourself too hard when it comes to content. Quality> quantity, authenticity> conformity.

E: Can you tell me more about your ebook and the process behind it?

L: That was so long ago! ‘How to Blossom in College’ came about because I was going through my college experience and realised how hard it can be to start at a new school in a new state, which was the case with me. I was also pretty shy when I started college. I wanted to show others that it’s okay to be nervous when starting college, and give them tips on how to break out of their shell and start their college career on the right foot.

E: Why did you decide to create Instagram templates?

L: I was, and still am, struggling with my Instagram, trying to figure out a way to generate more content. I knew that inspirational quotes were something that people used to Instagram, and I wanted to create a new type of background to put them on. I was going through a big marble obsession and wanted to create templates that included marble.

E: What are your future plans for your blog?

L: I want to eventually publish a paid e-course, and create some passive income streams. But I really just want to continue to help new bloggers and share my opinions and thoughts on stuff. I love helping others and that’s what I want out of Creatively Lauren.

E: If you weren’t working with an airline, what job do you think you would be doing and why?

L: Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that the airline industry is where I want to stay. I started with an airline as my first job when I was 19, back in 2015. It’s honestly all I know. I guess if I wasn’t at an airline I would probably be doing marketing or something business/economics related because that is what I had in my mind when I went into college. But considering I’m still trying to find my career path in my company, I can’t even imagine what I would be doing without it.

E: What is your favourite quote?

L: I would say my favourite quote is “everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without any rain.” I love this quote because no one’s life is happy 100% of the time. That’s just not how it works. And going through bad times helps one appreciate the good times. Rainbows are beautiful and positive but are only able to be seen after a storm. That’s how you have to look at life sometimes.

It was great to chat to Lauren, and I can’t wait to see how her blog develops this year! If you enjoyed reading this, make sure you’ve read my previous post where I chat to Syrah from RN Soul. And if you want to be involved, you can sign up here!

You can find Lauren on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!


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