‘I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate Palette’- First Impressions/Review!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a review of the ‘I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate’ palette.

This was a birthday gift, but it can be purchased from Superdrug and Revolution Beauty. It costs £9.

The packaging is really pretty, and it also feels really sturdy. It’s made from plastic, but it does feel quite durable. There is a mirror, which is an obvious bonus for me! The names are also printed underneath the shades rather than on the over-sheet, which is handy for those of us who always lose it! The shadows themselves smell strongly of chocolate. I personally love this, but it may not be suitable for people who suffer with migraines.

I’m a massive fan of the colour scheme. I love using brown and gold tones on my eyes. The only shade I don’t think I’d use is ‘Au Natural’. Although it looks brown, it has purple undertones that I don’t think would work for my skin tone.

Here’s the whole palette swatched.

As you can see, the palette doesn’t swatch that well. The colours don’t seem to be that pigmented, but swatches don’t always determine a palette’s quality. Some of the lighter colours also do not show up on my skin tone.

I didn’t create anything special, but I thought I’d include what steps I took to create this look.

‘Skimpy’ all over the lid and in the crease

‘Secret’ in the crease

‘Undressed’ in the crease

‘In the sheets’ on the outer third

‘Brazen’ on the outer third and a bit into the crease

‘Bodacious’ in centre

‘Pillow talk’ in centre (applied using my finger)

‘In the nude’ on inner corner/third

A combination of ‘Secret’, ‘Undressed’ and ‘Brazen’ under the lash line

I found that most of the shades performed well, with the exception of ‘In the sheets’. It was slightly patchy, and lacked pigmentation. It also had lots of fall out. Overall though, I liked the final look. It’s very similar to the style of makeup I usually do.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this palette! Despite some of the shades not performing well, I’ll continue using it. I’ve summarised the pros and cons below!


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