The Flawesome Award!

Today’s post is about the Flawesome award! This is a new award and it was created by Sophia Ismaa Writes. She is super supportive, so please check her out if you haven’t already. There’s such a wide variety of content on her blog, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

I was nominated for this a while ago, but it’s taken me so long to decide who to nominate! Anyway, I was so happy to be nominated since I love doing awards!

The purpose of this award is to celebrate three of our flaws and turn them into positives. So let’s get into it!

1) I am a perfectionist which motivates me to do better. It is sometimes problematic because I can’t tell if I’m just being hard on myself or if something genuinely needs improved, but I think this helps me to produce better work.

2) It can take me a while to get close to people, but I am incredibly loyal. I hate to see any of my friends being treated badly, and when someone has upset them, I find it very tricky to forgive.

3) My feet are small, but I can buy shoes from the children’s department and save money! When I was younger, being small was a major insecurity of mine, and I was so jealous of all my friends who were wearing adult’s clothes! Looking back, this was ridiculous. I now enjoy bragging to my friends when I find a bargain from the children’s department! This is a bit of a weird one, but hopefully it’s made you laugh!

My nominations are:

Sun Rain Tea

Bearded Igor

Nerds Numbers Natterings

Hello Bexa

The Life of a Glasgow Girl

Meglio Vivere

This Is Em’s World

Bailey Leah Blogs

Beauty Beyond Twenty

And as always, anyone that wants to do it!

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