Flash Fiction Challenge!

Today I have a very exciting (and very scary!) post! It’s my first creative piece on this blog.

I saw a flash fiction challenge from Fractured Faith Blog here, and it gave me the perfect opportunity for my first piece. I’ve chosen to write about the receipt with the Muller yogurt and the banana.

I’ve never written flash fiction before, so I hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to write! As always, any feedback is very welcome.

Felicity walked into the service station, feeling in her pocket for the two fifty pence coins. That was her tips from her shift. It had been busy, with red faced men squeezed into every corner, a cold pint pressed into their sweaty hands, anxiously watching to see if England would go through to the semi finals. Disappointed, they trickled out, until all that was left were a few empty peanut packets and a row of dirty glasses.

She barely even glanced at the pricey sandwiches. What was the point? Instead, she focused straight on the snacks. On the top shelf, there was a single Muller Rice. She hated rice pudding, but picked it up anyway. It probably had more nutritional content than a packet of crisps, and was twenty pence cheaper.

At the checkout she picked up a banana, spotted with brown bruises. She paid for the items, and slid the coppers into her pocket.

She climbed back into her car and reached for the can of Coke she’d taken from work. Her boss had watched her slip it into her bag, but she didn’t mind. She knew her circumstances, and did what she could to help, but at the end of the day, she was running a business. If a couple of cans went missing, she would simply turn a blind eye. A few weeks ago, she’d sent Felicity home with a multipack of crisps, claiming that they were nearly out of date. How this could be the case when she was so careful with stock rotation Felicity did not know, but she accepted the crisps with no hesitation.

She rummaged in the glove compartment for a spoon, and wiped it on the sleeve of her cardigan.


32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge!

    1. Hey, I’m glad you liked it! I actually borrowed this character from a piece I wrote for uni! I was quite pleased with it, so I might find out if I can post it, and do that!


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